Black Pen - Content Marketing & SEO

Our client Black Pen is an immigration consultancy based in South Africa. 

The immigration sector in SA is highly competitive and immigration advice seekers usually conduct online research before engaging a consultancy (if not recommended through word of mouth).

Several elements play a role in the success of capturing these seekers.

  1. Professional Profile - website
  2. Content - for purpose of showcasing professional knowledge as well as SEO purpose
  3. Tools to capture interest such as "free assessment" on site

M4C is Black Pen's marketing department. We first slightly modernised the brand's look & feel before building a refreshed website look to easily manage ongoing content additions. M4C focusses ongoing on content strategy and production as well as digital channel marketing with focus on SEO, SEM and PR.

Here is an example of content production we did to highlight the owner's expertise as well as the reasoning to engage an immigration lawyer. We also used it to drive PR exposure (such as the feature below

Within 6 months (July - December 2015) "organic search" improved by 98% versus pre-period.