FS-Systems - B2B Marketing, re-branding & lead acquisition

FS-Systems was founded in 1971 and is one of the major players in Africa who install and maintain electronic security solutions for a variety of blue chip clients in industries such as mining, gaming, education, health, property etc.

FS-Systems is a medium sized business with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, executing on multiple projects across Sub-Saharan Africa. Whilst FS-Systems is a sizeable business with 50+ employees the focus of the company lies in engineering and one-on-one business development and sales. Given the ambitious future plans and growing attractiveness of the electronic security industry and heavy tech focus, FS-Systems made a decision to invest in marketing activities that are traceable and strategic rather than once-off or tactical.

Rather than hiring a full in-house team with a strategic marketing manager and executional team, FS-Systems hired M4C for its FY 2015/16 as an outsourced marketing team with the objective to:

  1. Create brand awareness and premium brand positioning
  2. Attract new B2B (Business to Business) client requests in defined industries / Lead acquisition

After a workshop with the management team around the re-branding and marketing strategy and plan alignment, M4C was hired to execute the marketing and content plan in the agreed marketing channels and report back monthly based on targets.

  1. Re-branded the company (soft re-brand: from formerly Firespec Systems to FS Systems) and rolled out the new branding as well as Brand Positioning elements on
    • a new website that M4C developed
    •  business cards, brochures, signage etc
  2. Developed a target driven marketing strategy and plan for the year ahead that brings the business strategy visibly to life for a variety of stakeholders to see.
  3. Developed a premium brand positioning in the industry sector majorly through the creation of strong case studies, testimonials and thought leadership content (working closely with the FS-Systems management team)
    1. Example I: M4C video production
    2. Example II: Case Study including Testimonial: Click here to read

Since launch of the new marketing plan in June 2015 (2 months to date), FS-Systems doubled its relevant industry contact requests on the website, website traffic increased by 90% and average session duration increased by 50% which is a sign of more interaction with the content on site. FS-Systems also now has a monthly newsletter campaign sent to their database (previously no organised database communication) with relevant targeted industry content.

M4C is using a mix of EDM (email database marketing), PR, SEO, SEM, and Social Media with focus on Twitter to market the created content. 

FS-Systems is an important client for M4C as marketing in the B2B space is currently still much less developed than in the B2C (Business to Consumer) space and there is enormous room to add value through a well formalised marketing plan. We are predicting a big boom in the coming years in B2B marketing as already seen in the US with companies such as Salesforce who managed to become leaders in the Customer Relationship Management sector.